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June, Richard, Toni, Dick and God Parents

L-R God Parents Unknown - Newton Richard Begnal/Richard Newton Young, Donald Richard Young (2 mos) Nov 1947, June Elsie Wilson,

Rev. Richard H. Hewitt and Antoinette (Toni) Victoria Blaschko-Wilson

Richard, Don 7 mos, June

Thelma, Don 9mos, Richard and Bill Irby?

Ginger 1949 - Don age 2

Thelma and Louise, no not really

L-R Wanda, Thelma w/Ginger, Don (2), June - 1949

In case you did not see the one above

L-R Wanda, Thelma w/Ginger, Don (2), June - 1949

To view other photographs of Thelma, Clifford & Wanda, Newton Begnal taken about 1936.


To view pictures of June E. Wilson & Richard Hewitt 1942

To view picture of June E. Wilson & Chuck Hilton 1951