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It Gets More Exciting as you Go, I Hope



More Exciting - especially when you see a Cousin you Recognize

Antonio Pereira Cardozo III (1859-1947), son Antonio IV (1882-1946)       Antonio Pereira Cardozo II (1821-1880) > Antonio Pereira Cardozo I (1793-1883)


 Getting Even More Exciting - as you see others connecting to your DNA


The Excitement is Bubbling - as now you have even more Cousins with some of that cM's and Segment ingredients

Foot Note:

Only Sad Thing is you May Never Meet Them other than Online 

Having 25 years of Research under my belt, sure has been a Challenge, and I have come so far...

...beginning with the Old Fashion Research Process in 1992, some of you, probably even earlier. 

Humans have been on earth for about 6 million years.  And to think Genealogy Research is small fraction in Time.