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George AFB Fire Dept - Joint Agency Live Fire & Ventilation Training - Saturday 1 Oct 1988 (28 yrs ago) - Location Mather St x Phantom West involves 1 or 2 structures - this video segment is in 3 parts - High Desert FD's Apple Valley 331, 333, Victorville, Hesperia before CA EPA standards, unless exempt by CA, Fire Chief R. Stokes & Mrs. Stokes, A/Chief of Training with Bull Horn, I recognize A/Chief R. Cantrell, J. Allen civ, K. Kiplinger civ, D. Anderson, B. Wimberly, N. Wilson, D. Deforge, Mrs. Taylor AF, R. Pettyjohn, R. Laubenstein, N. Langrehr civ, Villalobos civ, R. Coral, I believe one is Fuki short for Fukushima, Simpson, plus about 40 other Fire Fighters


Smoke & Flames Showing at 5m : 09sec - too much fire accelerant aka Gasoline...enjoy, see if you recognize yourself or others, please share.  Part 2 @ 3m :47-49 sec Silvers "Crisp Critters" or "Reynolds Wrap Robots" - with more videos to come, as I have 30 videos to edit for My Google+ 


FireDoc's YouTube Channel - GAFB FB video's are intermixed with other of my home videos




Recorded on VHS converted to Digital Video the Following List


Note: I will be uploading videos shot by Moi  from 21-28+ yrs ago on VHS tape, converted to digital, and I will be uploading 20-30 videos

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GAFB BBQ Jun 1988 in our New Fire Station Bldg #724

in attendance is AC Ralph Cantrell farewell, J. Stinson civ, Leroy Griffin civ, "Mr. T" (Teryua) Fire Inspector civ, CES Commader Col. ?, Williams, R. Pettyjohn, N. Wilson, C. Fowler civ,

Luann civ, B. Wimberly, J. Zidel, Fukishima?, D. Anderson, E. Karst, Laubenstien, Fran ?, not pictured is Chris P. Bacon, "A" Shift

Structure Fire Night Drill GAFB FD 27 Mar 1992

1988-1Oct-GAFB Building Fire Training.mpg uploaded 30 Nov 2013

1988-GAFB Ladder Testing Langrehr.mpg

1988-1Sep-GAFB Pump Testing Doc.mpg

1988-Jan-GAFB Live Night Fire.mpg uploaded 30 Nov 2013

1988-GAFB Celebrity Tour-2.mpg

1988-Jun-GAFB New Fire Station-1.mpg


1988-GAFB Trainning Fire-1.mpg uploaded 30 Nov 2013

1988-Jun GAFB-2.mpg

1988-Jun-GAFB Training Fire.mpg uploaded 30 Nov 2013

1989-29Jul-GAFB Shift Party Mojave Narrows-1.mpg

1989-29Jul-GAFB Shift Party Mojave Narrows-2.mpg

1989-GAFB after Langrehrs Retirement.mpg

Air Show 11 Nov 1990 - some of Our Fire Fighters were in Bahrain for Desert Shield/Storm

1991-2Jan-GAFB NatGrd-Desert Shield.mpg

1991-15Jan-GAFB Desert Shield.mpg


1991-26Mar-GAFB-A7-taking gear-F4-Homecoming.avi



GAFB A7 taking the Gear 26 Mar 1991  Barrier Engagement Runway 21

the days of BAK-9 shore-based emergency Arresting Gear Bidirectional, with Rotary friction brake & E-28 Arresting Gear, Rotary hydraulic (water brake), MA-1/MA-1A Barrier Net,

last resort skip tail hook trap, no tail hook trap, Rig and De-rigg, set up netting, on off the runway, above ground and below ground motors.

GAFB First Troops Home 23-28 Mar 1991

F-4G Wild Weasel, Home Coming - 27 Mar 1991

GAFB 35th Tactical Fighter Wing - Home Coming Desert Storm 27 Mar 1991 - WW were the 1st in leading the the Allied Aerial Attack on Iraq, their mission to take out SAM Sites.

The air campaign largely finished by 23 February 1991

1991-27Mar-GAFB Home Coming 2.avi

1991-28Mar-GAFB Home Coming 3.avi

1991-28Mar-GAFB Home Coming 4.avi

1991-28Mar-GAFB Home Coming 5.avi

1991-28Mar-GAFB Home Coming 6.avi

1991-28Mar-GAFB Home Coming 7.avi

1991-16Apr-Nat Guard Leaving-1.mpg

F4 Egress Training GAFB FD 1992 - 20th Silver Lobos

George AFB Farewell Ceremony 27 Mar 1992  Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-1.mpg

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-2.mpg

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-4.mpg

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-3.mpg

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-6.mpg

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-5.mpg

1992-27Mar-GAFB Farewell-7.mpg





Hazmat Training GAFB FD 1992 - first Hazmat Rig. 26 Mar 1992 

F-4 Phantom's to Nellis AFB by way of CH-53's

Apr 1992, during the wind down of George AFB (DoD BRAC List) at least 4 F-4 Phantom's are airlifted by CH-53's to Nellis AFB bombing range - a dangerous operation as 4-6 Airmen sit aboard the

F-4's fuselage to connect straps dangling from the CH-53. The 1st F-4, you will notice the nose lifts up...due to the Rotor down wash.

1992-Apr-Cleon Fowlers family-1.mpg



1991 Spa Party at Doc's - GAFB Fire Fighters - Strong Language and Nudity - 29 Jun 1991


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