Antonia/Antoinette Victoria Blaschkov (1901-1979) Baptismal- Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary, immigrated 14 Jan 1908

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Photograph by Jerome E. Kilts, 534 N. Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA - Unknown date taken, possibly mid 1940s

Bingo ! on my locating the Photographer Jerome Kilts in the 1940 census and his 1940 WWII Draft record, indeed a photographer living in Glendale, CA and I now have a new Cousin Line I am attempting to tie into our Family Tree

1920 New York Ziegfeld Follies

April 1923 - To Antonia's sister Mary/Maria (nee Blaschkov) Spissak - b. 3 Feb 1894, Szentgyorgy, Hungary, immigrated 14 Jan 1908, d. 8 Sep 1969, CT

married Joseph Spissak, 4 May 1912, Manhattan, NY

1962 National Rifle Association (NRA) My Lock and Load Grandmother


Hungarian Baptismal

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