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Surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair).  Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland.

** Allen/Allin - Basden/Baysden - Hunter - Anderton - SC > NC - 1800-Present

Adam & Caroline Goeltz - Hessen-Darmstadt & Niagara, NY

Anton Posch & Paulena Ruczyeka - Hungary > Manhattan, NY

Arnold - Begnal -Sangster -  Krout - Solem - 1924-Present - CA, NV, KS, AZ

Bernt Agust Johansson & Anna Christina Andersdotter and Bengt Johansson & Anna Sofia Stenber - Sweden

Benway / Loomis - 1794 1805


** Bishop, John 1760-1825 - Hannah Cooper 1766-1797 - Descendant Report  Bishop 1726, Capen 1743, Lee 1827, Masters 1767, Guerin 1776, Stout 1800, Border 1798, Rickey 1779, Stewart 1794, Koons 1802, Chambers 1827, Young 1796

Bonetti-Tamba - ID#75 - Switzerland > Sonoma Co., CA

Brown - Longacre Reynolds - Sargeant Steele - Hobson/Robinson - IA, OH, KS, AL, GA, AR, TX, CA

Cant - Reader | Hancock - Davis -

Cobb, Thomas W - Ingram, Permelia Ann - 1828-1900 - KY

** Denis Mulcahy & Julia Cronin - Ring - Sullivan - Carmody - Co. Kerry / Cork, Ireland> Manhattan NY> San Francisco ID# 101

Eli Shep Day - Barbara Boyer - ID2011#200 - 1857-1940 | Robert E Day - 1899-1946 - MO-IL

Elijah Sullivan (1830-1878 est.) - Martha nee Howard possibly - VA, Washington, D.C. - ID# 298

Faria - Kelly (1880s'? - 2010) - John Faria (1906-1982) &  Barbara Kelly (1928-2010)  ME > MA

Grennan & O'Neil, Minnick, Conroy, Kane, Kelly - ID#200 - - 1780, County Kings, Ireland > NY > Livingston Co, IL 

Griffis & McKoy - NC > Lincoln Co. & Morgan Co. TN | Tirey & Morrison - KY - Middletown, OH

Gustav A. Duzel & Alisha L. Watson - ID#75 - 1830 Prussia > CA, Native American, -

Pasquale Iurilli - Vincenzo Iurilli - ID#187 - Italy

Joseph G. McCain & Mary E. Morse - KY, KS, & CA

Joseph Place & Sarah Thornton - Dutchess Co. NY, Providence RI

Lee-Bishop-Holt-Masters - Hicks, Pickens, Shay, Borders - England - VA - NC - TN - AR- NE- OH - MS

Mercer & Ringnell - 1863 Sweden> MN (Smith Mercer Tree)

Merz/Mers - McIntire - Kentucky 1859, Nicholas Co

Mullarkey - Fairchild - Blint

Offen & Hoyt - Germany > NJ > NY > CA  Young is part of this lineage

Olsen-Hansen-Kenner-Wika - Norway & MO, OH, PA

** Sira, Valdheer, Rider, Perks, Watson Lineage - ID#101

Small - Mann - Stenum - Hall - NE, IA, NJ, (Jan 2020) 

Stanton - Gilbert - Forest - Merserve - Prussia, Sweden, England, NJ, LA, NH, VT

Thomas G. Martin & Kate Duzel/Dusel  - ID#75 - 1830 MD > CA

Tomasini  - ID#75 - Switzerland > CA

Walter Martin "Mart" Schmid-Schmidt-Smith - Germany > NY

William Vance Richmond & Ann M. Mundt - TX, KY, IL & CA

** Indicates Unavailable - Contact Genealogy Research & Assistance  for additional information


"There are not Enough Hours in a Day for Genealogy Research - That is Why it
Takes Years to Learn Who What Where When and Why if you are wanting to know"  I am here to assist

quote by D.R. "Doc" Young


Over 1000 Surnames are Listed Below that I have researched on behalf of Researchers

A - E  |  F- K  |  L - Q  |  R - Z


 with Look-ups in the following Townships/City / County's - States and for those in the following Country's


Surnames of Ancestors I have researched for Other Researchers

Adkison, Ainsworth, Allen, Alex, Alfred, Alfman, Althours, Andersdotter, Ashworth, Averill,

Bach, Baer, Baggs, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Barber, Bauman, Baysden, Bean, Begg, Belka, Bellew, Benham, Bentham, Bercier / Bersha, Berglund, Bermann. Bickerton, Bird, Bishop, Blint, Bly, Bogart, Boggart, Bohr, Bollenbach, Bone, Bonetti, Borowska, Bourg, Bourtayre, Bow, Boyce, Boyd, Bradbury, Braun, Brautman, Bray, Brennen, Brewer, Bridge, Brison, Brockus, Brooks, Brourker, Brown, Bryan, Bryant, Bryson, Buncke, Bunnell, Burnet, Burnett, Burns, Burton, Bushnell, Butler, Byrns, Bercier / Bersha


Callahan, Camera, Campilongo, Canada, Caplice, Carmody, Carroll, Carothers, Carter, Cartrette, Carvalho, Casarotte, Catlett, Cendrowski, Cermak, Cervantes, Chandler, Chappell, Chisman, Christensen, Clark, Claverly, Cleary, Clemmons, Cobb, Colburn, Cole, Collins, Colon, Combs, Conerty, Conklin, Coombs, Coopersmith, Cox, Cromwell, Crona, Cullen, Cure, Curran, Curtis,

Dall, Daniels, Davis, Dear, DeGroff, DeJoy, Denend, Densmore, DeSmith, Desmuth, D'Esposito, Dewson, Dickson, Didas, Dillane, Dischner, Diskin, Dolan, Donlon, Dortch, Doty, Doyle, DePeralta, Duncan, Durden, Dusel, Duval, Duzel, Dyer,

Edighoffer, Edwards, Eighmey, Eisenschenk, Elliot, Ely, Emigh, Ess, Evans,

I have a Question regarding a Surname Listed above >




Fagnan, Fairchild, Fealy, Fee, Ficks, Firth, Fits, Fitzgerald, Fleming, Flemming, Foos, Ford, Fouts, Fraas, Frasch, Fraser, Freeman, Frost, Furlong, Furman,

Gabel, Gable, Gallagher, Gannon, Gardiner, Gardner, Gasdag, Gelz, Giacopazzi, Gianquitti, Gibbons, Gillette, Gillman, Giza, Golladay, Goswell, Gosztola, Gould, Graff, Grant, Greenway, Grennan, Gress, Griffis, Grizzle, Grotevant, Grow, Guinn,

Ha, Haas, Haines, Haebler, Hale, Halligan, Hamel, Hamilton, Hancock, Hand, Handy, Hansen, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Hartry, Harvey, Hatter, Hay, Hazelton, Hearon / O'Heerin (Irish: Ó hUidhrín), Heckert, Hedden, Held, Hendrick, Henkel, Henneborn, Herdman, Herrick, Herring, Hetherington, Hinckley, Hinkley, Hoad, Hobson, Hoebler, Hogue, Hohl, Halligan/Holligan, Home, Holmes, Holt, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Hotter, Howard, Hronek, Hubbekk, Hubenthal, Hughes, Hundley, Hunt, Hunter, Huth, Hymes,

Iulg, Iurilli, 

Jackson, Jardine, Jefferys, Jennings, Johansson, Johnson, Jones, Journey, Joyce, Jurich,

Keables, Kee, Keech, Keiser, Kellerson, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenner, Keyser/Keiser, Kienzle, Kierstead, Kincaid, King, Kingle, Kingsley, Kirby, Kirchberg, Kirchner, Kirsche, Klaas, Klausing, Knowles, Koseter, Kozik, Krout, Kuperschmid,

I have a Question regarding a Surname Listed above >




Lambert, Lampel, Lane, Lanier, Lash, Lasher, Latie, Lavelle, Lawler, Leach, LeBlanc, Lee, Leonard, Lester, Lewis, Liddick, Liebig, Loban, Lobban, Loewenberg, Longacre, Longan, Lonon, Lucid,

Mackey, Macleod, Macy, Madden, Mader, Maher, Main, Malone, Mansfield, Marcuso, Marshall, Martin, Martin, Mason, Masters, Mathenson, Matheson, Mathes, Mathews, Matthews, May, McAllister, McCain, McCarter, McChesney, McDonald, McDonnell, McGrath, McIntire, McIntosh, McIver, McKen, McKenzie, McKin, McKinnon, McKoy, McLoud, McMahon, McNaughton, McPhillips, McRedmond, McSweeney, Mehl, Meire, Meldrum, Melville, Menton, Mercer, Merritt, Mexbauer, Meyer, Moon, Moeller, Moore, Mulchay, Mueller, Mullarkey, Mund, Mundrick, Mundt, Munger, Murphy,

Neck, Neely, Neil, Nestell, Niemeyer, Norris,

OConner, OConnor, ODonnell, ODonovan, OHare, Olin, Olsen,

Pachico, Palmatier, Parker, Parks, Partridge, Patton, Pearsall, Pease, Peaslee, Peck, Peloquin, Pennucci, Perkins, Perkins, Perrier, Peterson, Pettijohn, Pettis, Pfeiffer, Phelon, Philips, Piazza, Pickell, Pierce, Pike, Pillsbury, Pittsley, Place, Plagge, Platts, Plummer, Plunkett, Polley, Polly, Poole, Potter, Potts, Pratt, Presico, Principini, Prytz, Purnell,

Ó Duilleáin, Quinn

I have a Question regarding a Surname Listed above >


Ramsey, Randle, Raniero, Rawiszer, Raynor, Reid, Reilly, Remak, Reynolds, Ricardina, Rigby, Rigg, Riggleman, Ringnell, Rivette, Roberts, Robinson, Rochlele, Roe, Roff, Rogers, Rohrer, Ross, Roth, Rowe, Rowiszer, Rupp, Ryder,

Sampogna, Sanzo, Saunders, Savage, Sawlaw, Sayler, Schall, Scheel, Schiffman, Schmidt, Schmidtz, Schneider, Scott, Seaborn, Selby, Shade, Sharharo, Shay, Sheldon, Shular, Siebert, Sira, Skidmore, Slattery, Smith, Snelham, Snow, Sommer, Southard, Sparks, Spence, Spike, Sprong, Staats, Stafford, Staley, Stanaway, Stanton, Stark, Stenber, Stephens, Stockwell, Stone, Stott, Strahan, Strickland, Striplin, Stuart, Stubblefield, Stubbs, Suggs, Sullivan, Sumerville, Swan, Swann, Syfritt, Sypher, Szinicz,

Tallmadge, Tefft, Temple, Theresa, Thirkettle, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tiesfeldt, Tirey, Tomasini, Trainer, Trump, Turner, Tyler,


Valdren, Vance, Vasconcellos, Virrnig,

Wachtel, Wade, Wagner, Waldorf, Wall, Wallace, Wanamaker, Watkins, Weaver, Webb, Weidright, Weinroth, Welsh, Welter, White, Whitmarsh, Whyte, Wichmann, Wickens, Wiedwecht, Wika, Wilburn, Williams, Wing, Winter, Wise, Woerhlen, Wonnacott, Wooden, Woodlock, Woodson, Worley, Wright, Wurdeman,

Young, Youngbear

Zafra, Zavadich, Zimmerman, Zito

I have a Question regarding a Surname Listed above >




States - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming



County's / Townships/Cities - Albany, Albany, Androscoggin, Apple Valley, Askeaton, Binghamton, Bratislava, Bremerton, Bristol, Brooklyn, Broome, Central Point Oregon, Contra Costa, County Limerick, Dighton, El Centro, England, Faial, Fair Haven, Fayal, Greene, Hayward, Hermosa Beach, Hesperia, Holtville, Horta, Hungary, Imperial, Ireland, Kitsap, Los Angeles, Los Angeles City, Manhattan Beach, Manhattan, New Haven, New Haven, New York, Newcastle West, North Guilford, Oneida, Orlando, Pedro Miguel, Pike, Poland, Portuguese, Pozsony, Prattsville, Providence RI, Richmond, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Pablo, San Pedro, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, Shelby, Summit, Svaty Jur, Szentgyorgy, Taunton, Torrance, Utica, Victorville, Westover



Country's of those who have made Requests - Austria, Australia, Azores, Canada, Egypt, England, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovak Republic, Sweden, USA



                              Surname Index                                  

Over 1000 Surnames are Listed Above that I have researched on behalf of Researchers

With over 675 Researchers Assisted to Date





The following paragraph are my family tree surnames (226 names as of18 Aug 2019)


Abrao, Allee, Allen, Alles, Allie, Ament, Arnold, Asbury/Asberry, Ascencao, Astrab, Austin, Avery, Axelrod, Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barnes, Barstad, Barton, Bates, Baughman, Beatley, Begnal, Belasco, Belcher, Belt, Benoit, Bentley, Berry, Bickman, Bigelow, Biggs, Birch, Blake, Blaschko, Blasko, Blaskow, Blaszko, Blaszkow, Borders, Bowen, Bowers, Bowling/Bowlin/Bolin/Bolen/Bolling, Bradley, Brady, Brewer, Brown, Burton, Butchart, Butterfield, Cady, Callaway, Cardoso, Cardozo, Carter, Celis, Charles, Chase, Christian, Coan, Conceicao, Coombs, Corey, Crampton, Crawford, Crocker, Cuno, Cyr, da Silva, Davis, Deskins, Dillane / Ó Duilleáin, Donell, Ducharme, Enzenauer, Faria, Felica, Follrich, Follrich, Folrich, Fowler, Fuller, Gacher, Galindo, Garrison, Gates, Geigoldt, Griffin, Hall, Heil, Hickox, Hinde, Hoskins, Hoyt, Huff, Hughes, Hunt, Ida, Ide, Ireland, Leddy, Indico, Irby, Jacinthe, Jeronimo, Joaquina, Jurich, Keller, Kleinbauer, Koch, Labissonnier, Lamere, Larkins, Lee, Lennon, Linn, Logue, Lothrop, Loudermilk, Lucarelli, Luis, Luisa, Luiz, Margarida, Marvel, Maxwell, Mayworm, McHale, McIntire, McManus, McMullen, Mercer, Mers, Merz, Mitchell, Mond, Montgomery, Morgan, Morrison, Moss, Mundt, Munson, Neubauer, Neville, Noble, Offen, O'Keefe, Opland, OShaughnessy, O'Shaughnessy, Parham, Parke, Parks, Peck, Penn, Penner, Pereira, Perrin, Perry, Pickens, Pooler, Pos, Posch, Posh, Prior, Purcell, Ranney, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Rinna, Rita, Robinson Rockwell, Roland, Rolnick, Rose, Rottiger, Royal, Ruden, Ryan, Sage, Salberg, Sanford, Schach, Schappa, Scharde, Seeley, Shaughnessy, Shevlin, Shoeman, Silva, Slade, Smith, Sowers, Spisak, Spissak, Steele, Stelmaszevski, Stelnaszeski, Stevens, Stillians, Stowe, Swensen, Szeleczky, Taylor, Tombari, Towsley, Tucker, Turner, Vitomszka, Vogt, Vorce, Wardell, Waring, Weinkoop Wheeler, Wilkins, Wilson, Wittam, Woodard, Wogman, Wood, Wrieden, Wynkoop, York, Young, Yost

I have a Question regarding a Surname Listed above >

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This Researcher has Assisted other 675 Researchers from the following 31 States & 12 Countries





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