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Antonia Victoria Blaschko Baptismal
Hungarian Baptismal

Antonia was born in Szentgyorgy, Pozony, today's Svaty Jur, Bratislava County, Slovakia

What I read on this document is that Antonia was the legitimate daughter of Joannes Blaschkov / Blaschkow / Blaschka and Catherina / Catharina Tollnich / Follnich and the mother was Roman Catholics and lived in house number #145  The godparent was Vincent Chrappa - a  well known name in this area .




Latin Translations


-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Page 1

Matricula (matricula baptizatorum = baptism register)

et = and, even

Numerus currens = current number (item number)

Sponsi et Sponsae = Bride and groom

Annus, Mensis, Dies Copulationis ( annus, mensis, et dies … year, month, and day ) = of marriage

Nomen = name, cognomen = surname et Conditio = conditio = status (usage: "occupation" in addition to "nobility" vs "commoner")

locus = place

Originis (origo) = origin, birth

locus domicilii = residing village

Religio = religion
Anni Aetatis = year old
Status coelebs = bachelor, single man , velviduus ????

-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Page 2

Copulatorum (wedding)

Parentum = parents Nomen = name, Cognomen = surname, Religio et Conditio (conditio et religio = Status and Religion)

Testium (testibus = by witnesses ??) Nomen, Cognomen, Religio et Conditio

Coupulantis Nomen, Congnomen, Officium

Num promulgati? Num in Bannis, et aliquo impedimento dispensati?
(num promulgati vel dispensati, in bannis vel aliquo impedimento? = number of announcements or dispensation, or other impediments in the (marriage) banns? )

Observationes = = observations, comments


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