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From a manuscript written by a first cousin once removed Richard Luiz, I came across something my Great Great Grandfather wrote about leaving his country for ours about 1930....if it was not for him, his vision and thoughtfulness for his family, I would not be here today.....a man who I shall never meet, but have through others of my ancestry and with this I am glad to be here in America.....part of which will be in my book called "How I came to be an American"! if I shall ever begin.


How a man left his native country to find a better life for his wife and children, a sacrifice not some people would make today, move to another state or city for their family let alone another country……my utmost respect for my Great Great Grandfather I share this with others.


by Antonio Pereira Cardozo III, b. 31 Jan 1859, Pedro Miguel, Faial, Azores, d. 13 Mar 1947, Richmond, Contra Costa Co. CA, m. Maria Margarida Silva, 30 May 1881, left the Azores in 1884.


Note: Antonio mentions his wife as Maria Margarida Pereira

To the Village and People of Pedro Miguel Faial, Azores

Place of my loved ones
At 24 years of age I left you
To come to the United States (note this would be abt. 1883)


It was 47 years ago
It was the best I could do
To earn our bread and butter
In order for us to live


They are those dear islands
In the world there cannot be
Those who came from there
Can never forget them


The islands of the Azores
Are all one family
Where there is peace
And also happiness


The islands of the Azores
Are full of happiness
It is where our parents are
And others under the cold earth


Here we are in this world
In search of our luck
All of us getting by
Until our sad death


50 years ago we were married (1881)
Six sons and daughters that we raised
With the help of God


All of them are married
All of them have children
18 grandchildren
And all of them living


Raising a large family
Is a pure truth
They all married
And my house became dark (empty)


Has much to understand
Seven sons and daughters to dress and provide shoes
And also to feed


It was in 1881 that we were married
And thanks to God
We made it this far


All of us came to this world to suffer
We raised 6 children, have 18 grandchildren, & 2 great-grandchildren
Thanks to God we were able to see them all

I was born in Faial, in the village of Pedro Miguel

And my wife in Terceira
My name is Antonio
My wife is Maria Margarida Pereira


In 1884, I came to America
To the land of gold
I began working right away
In a brick factory


Earning $1.00 per day
It was the best I could do
To dress myself
And also to eat


The same year I sent for my wife and son
Because God helped me to
So that we could all live together
That is why we got together


I'm getting old
Work is scarce
This is just a pastime


He who talks like this
Did not have a lot of schooling
And I am getting old
My memory is getting weak


My way of talking
Is not like someone who writes in the sand
He who thinks about his life
Does not think about the life of others


To all the Portuguese
Who are from our country
Are people who do not forget
To teach our religion


The Catholic religion has roots fill the ends of the earth
It was the first ever
In all the world


We are all children of Eve
And also of Adam
If we do not follow the Catholic doctrine
God will not forgive us


Teach your children
The doctrine, teach it well
So that later they will know
Who is their father and mother


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