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Please provide basic facts if known starting with Full given & surname middle initial if known, date of birth, birthplace, spouse full given & surname, middle initial if known, children full given & surname, middle initial if known, when and where born. 


FYI - not all emigrates immigrated directly to the United States, some may have first gone to another country first then to the USA.  Passenger records may be indexed from the secondary country.  Also given and surnames maybe different


Approximate date they may have emigrated/immigrated, country of origin, if known port of departure and port of arrival.  Sometimes I have to locate the family in a census such as 1900, 1910 or 1920 if applicable which contain immigration/naturalization information.  FYI - passenger lists are inaccurate, do not expect age(s), name (given or surname), place of birth to be accurate for many reasons. 


The following is a sample using my ancestors.

Ggf: Joannes Blaschkov, b. abt 1864, Austria/Hungary, John Blaszko (per his death certificate), d. 22 Oct 1954, West Haven, CT, m. Catherina Follrich, b. 10 May 1866, Austria, d. 4 Jan 1917, Orange, CT, immigrated about 1908.  Port of departure unknown, country of origin maybe either Hungary or Austria.  Found this family in the 1910 census living New York City.  May have immigrated as Blaskow.  It is known the entire family came at different times.



1) John Blaskow Jr., b. abt. 1889, Hungary, d. 7 Apr 1911, Bronx, NY
2) Will Blaskow, b. abt. 1891, Hungary, d. 8 Jun 1908, age 18, Bronx, NY
3) Mary Blaskow, b. 3 Feb 1894, Hungary, d. 8 Sep 1969, CT
4) Elsie Cecelia Blaskow, b. 17 Mar 1898, Hungary, d. 23 Feb 1943, CT
5) Stanley Blaskow, b. abt. 1899, Hungary - Missing in action WWI 1917-1918
6) Gm: Antonia Victoria Belasco, b. 7 Jun 1901, Hungary, d. June, 1979, Torrance, CA
7) Emil Blaskow, b. unknown when & where, d. 8 Oct 1924, River Grove, Cook Co. IL. in truck/railroad accident


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Please keep information brief concise/succinct as possible



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