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With 30+ years experience gong back in time before Rootsweb. FamilySearch and Ancestry were in their infancy online or when the World Wide Web became available commercially.


With info on How to Start, Suggesting what software to use, Free or Paid Membership sites to join/Use.  An Important Research Tip are skills in Organization and Time-Lines of Your Lineage, can save time researching.

I help on an average of 100 researchers each year, and previously of Rootsweb's mailing lists & this site.

There are many questions to ask yourself, so you are not wasting precious research time looking to find all the right sites.  It can be very overwhelming, and presuming you know how to navigate the web, use a computer, how to organize files & images, etc.

Some of those I have assisted have limited computer skills who find Research frustrating, time consuming, and overwhelming.  I have over 35 years experience with computers, software, hardware, the Internet/WWW and more.

I currently use FTM2019 (Family Tree Maker), I began using Family Origins 1992, RootsMagic since 2002, PAF 5, and older versions of FTM  over the years...FTM 2010 was an awesome change, followed by FTM 2012 even better, then FTM 2014...with the capability to synchronize your research entered in FTM, and your online account with Ancestry, Your Online Shared or Private Family Tree or having a limited Public Tree, as well as a Full On Private Tree, protecting your most important Ancestral Lineage, that you do not wish to have Other to Plagiarize, making their own, as if they did the research, put in the time finding the sources of their research information.


...For those wishing to use the Freebie PAF (Personal Ancestral File released 1983 by FamilySearch), was a genealogy management software product formerly provided free of charge by FamilySearch. 


Like other genealogy management software, PAF allowed users to enter names, dates, places, source citations and other information into a database, and to print family group records, pedigree charts, descendancy charts, and other reports. 


PAF also allowed users to share their genealogical files with other researchers using GEDCOM formatted files and to link image and media files to individual records in their database.

Note: read about PAF - On July 15, 2013, PAF was retired and is no longer available for download or support. Current PAF users may continue to use the software on their personal computers or they may prefer to switch to another product. Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Is Discontinued


For full details and for information on Alternative Products, please visit


I was partial to FTM2012 & 2014, however since moved on to FTM-2019, past versions were by different programming companies, the 2 previous FTM software versions synchronized with your Ancestry Personal Public or Private Tree with membership, which this software also as a Ancestry Member locates Document Records & Record Indexes as suggested relevant to the Data of your Ancestor's you have input into the program. 


FTM-2019 - released 29 Sep 2019, as a 30th anniversary edition is now created/managed by  I have been using FTM since Mackiev released the Ancestry FTM2014 upgrade, then FTM2017 by Mackiev.


Begin with the basic's that you know of your Ancestor's beginning with your Parents and can always export as a GEDCOM format of your lineage and Import into another Genealogy programs of today i.e. Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, Family Tree Heritage, Ancestrak Quest, The Master Genealogist (TMG), Family Historian, Brother's Keeper, Heredis, WinFamily > Genealogy Software Review

I can also share with you a site that has been paramount in my research over Rootsweb or any other Genealogy web site, even Ancestry . com.   Because not even the best Genealogy Website can unlock the hardest of takes being in the Genealogy Trenches of Research (as I call it) to find records not available online.

Listen to all the advice by others, and come to your own conclusions.  But again, there are some very basic questions to ask yourself do not want to become discouraged and give up.


To view Tutorials of how FTM works, that can save you time, and even money visit Ancestry . com YouTube Channel search keyword FTM


Remember Our Ancestor's never gave up...they forged ahead...wishing you the best in your endeavors, it is a very rewarding road, trail, ride into the past and into the future, as you may meet new Cousin's, Nephew's, Niece's, Aunt's & Uncle's and more.

If you wish to begin this Journey, let me be of assistance....Doc - E-mail  - Accolade of What Others Have to Say



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