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Research Assistance Begins Here for Requesting Record Look-ups


How many hours, days, weeks, months, years have been spent searching for an Ancestor, sometimes with very little known information & facts.


Not having any idea as to how your Ancestor might have been indexed with accuracy in Records, of Any Year i.e. Surname/Maiden name spelled correctly, year born, county/state born or where living county/state year of inquiry.  Record Types, applicable to an inquiry: Birth, Marriage, Death/Burial, Census, City Directories, Military, Immigration/Naturalization, Passport Applications, Last Will & Testament, Land, Probate, etc.


If Married, Spouse Name and any Children that may be living with Ancestor inquiry of a Recorded Date (Month/Year) of Federal Census or a State Census (if available).


"Family History & Stories add meaning to our Ancestors, may only give us places and time of life events for searching, it is the facts found from records providing us the proof, showing what is true or correct, then our acceptance if we choose of these facts, adding to their History and Our Tree."


Note: All Record Look-ups require Basic Information, applicable to your Inquiry


1) Full Name if known: Given, Middle Name or Initial, Last Name

2) When Born, i.e. approximate Year or if known Month/Year

3) Where Born, i.e. County and State


Providing as thorough information facilitates a potential successful search.  Records dating back to 1607 Settling of Jamestown, 13 years before the Pilgrims landed, records may not have been kept, and of records kept since, not every Town/County/State may have records available online.


Information Helpful for Request of Record Look-up


  • First Name and Maiden/Surname - if known middle initial/name

  • Year of birth year (Month if known)

  • Place of Birth (County, State or Country) - Parents birthplace, if applicable as Census Years 1900-1930 ask of Parents Given/Place of birth

  • Spouse's Name, same information, if applicable

  • Children Names, same information, of any known children living with Parent (s) year of request if applicable

  • Any additional information, i.e. Occupation, Military Service, Any Record you may know of/have, Other Census Years found

  • .


    Please keep information brief, concise, succinct as possible




    Navigation of Record Look-ups as listed above



    To view Information of Different Record Types & Making a Search Look-up Request


    Census Record Search Look-Up - Request

    Immigration Passenger Look-Up - Request

    City Directories Look-up - Request

    Military Records Draft / Registration - Request

    US Passports Applications Look-up - Request

    Birth, Marriage, Death - BMD - Request



    Navigation of Record Look-ups as listed above




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