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Ancestorology The "Nook & Cranny" Genealogy Researcher - We Are Our Ancestors Eyes & Ears telling of their Journey


"There are not Enough Hours in a Day for Genealogy Research - That is Why it
Takes Years to Learn Who What Where When and Why if you are wanting to know"  I am here to assist

"I have no Life Outside of Genealogy Research, and I do this for an Unpaid Living"


quotes by D.R. "Doc" Young

"On the Trail of My Ancestors"


About this Genealogy Research & Assistance: Online since 1992, the Genealogical Computer research of Historical Records regarding Birth, Marriage, Death, City directories, Public Records, Emigration/Immigration, Passenger & Naturalization, Passport, Military draft & registration.


Beginning about 150 years ago, there may been 62 people who are directly responsible for your existence.  You have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents, and thirty-two great-great-great grandparents.


Do you Remember Names, When and Where Born, where living and when ?  If not, that is what this GenDoc does, is to find People from our past, your Serendipitist (definition, an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident)


I am online 8-16 hours x 365 days...I maybe able to respond within minutes to a couple hours, usually after 7 a.m., depending on my research load, or if I have household chores to tend to, or time of night I may not be online.  I am here 24/7.


I maybe able to Save you Weeks, Months or Years of Researching, uncover information not previously found. Assisting you, may take down a block wall or two.  I tend to be expeditious and can or may be overwhelming in how much information I may find in a short time.  I Accept Donations every $1 helps towards my costs to provide this Service.


Donating almost full-time to Genealogy Research & Assistance, has not become a Hobby rather an Obsession.  My approach is an iterative one, both in process of using computers and methodical thinking outside of the box.


"Paying it Forward" by helping others is my main interest...when I research your Ancestor, its as if I am looking for my own, utilizing years of experience and networking, I am able to accomplish much in a short time.



In Researching for your Ancestor...Facts...Just the Facts are needed

Basic information is Needed: Name (full name if known), When & Where born (abt. year & County/State or Country), Where living Year of Request (County & State), the Historical Event/Record you seek...i.e. US Federal Census, B M D, Military, Passenger / Immigration (abt. year if known), Naturalization, State or SSDI Death (if known when deceased), etc.

Some State Census are available, as are some Public Records & City Directories.  I have allot of experience in finding a Person, provided they were indexed/recorded Year of your Request and if those records are available 1620 to Present, not all States, Counties & Township/Cities, Territories are Scanned/Indexed/Available. 


I have No Guarantees, as Names can be extremely difficult to read, may be miss-spelled at time of record was recorded, in the transcription process & how indexed, condition & age of document since the archiving/storage of a document/records of any Year.   Chances are, I will find your Ancestor or Family, based on the information I am provided and if records are available online.

Example in finding my grandfather Clifford F. Begnal, I found in 1940 indexed as
Chalfant E Bynel.  My grandmother Thelma F. nee Perry Begnal, I found in 1930 indexed as  Benesh / also from a 1931 Newspaper as a Witness to Murder as Benesch.  My Shaughnessy's indexed as Shanesa, Saunepey, Shaunghey, Shawghessy, Oshanghnepey, Oshannasey.

Research Progress: I Keep Track of most all e-mails regarding a Search, and of any Document/Record Images I download, are saved and backed up.  The purpose is for quick reference of information exchanged, records for clues to other historical events, and in the event I receive Additional Request for the Same Ancestor, Lateral Lineage or a Continuing search of the Same Ancestor, I already have Research information on file, and I can resume the search days to years later, re-reading is required and update if needed from the requesting Researcher.

Another Reason for Keeping Track...It has been my experience, a Researcher may have lost data due to catastrophic hard drive failure (unrecoverable), unforeseen disasters (floods/tornadoes/hurricanes), Fire, Theft or a computer virus/accidental deletion or from reformatting a hard drive.


Not all is lost, I have on hand exchanged Research information (e-mails), notes of my research, any images I may have downloaded related to a previous search on your behalf, I have assisted in finding. 

I can also aide in locating other records/documents lost of your Research.


With over 30 years computer experience, I can be of assistance with computer issues.

Thank you for allowing myself to be apart of your research experience in finding the missing pieces of the Lineage puzzle.


Genealogy Research & Assistance can Save you Time & Money


Depending on information provided & Current Research Request Pending by Date Received will Have Priority !
Results Most Often happen within Minutes to a few hours or a Day or More, depending on Your Research Request
Donations help offset Costs, of Research Memberships, Equipment Usage, Domain & ISP, Utilities...

25% of Donations go to Further Support "Pink Fire Trucks" & Best Friends "Strut Your Mutt"

Thank you, D.R. "Doc" YoungD.R. "Doc" Young.aka Genealogy Sleuthhound

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