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Digital Photograph Restoration - Document Enhancement - OCR Services


Digital Photo Restoration, a service for those who have photographs you would like to have digitally enhanced/restored.  To view samples.


Genealogy documents downloaded from Ancestry . com or scanned and enhanced.  To view samples


OCR Services (optical character recognition), tired of Retyping or transcribing by hand from printed paper documents/excerpts from books, magazines or photographs/images with printed text.  To view samples


Contact me for these services and further questions


click on images to enlarge in new window


Original Photograph


After removing crease in oval

Below are samples of further photo manipulation using the above photograph



Lena Dove



Document Enhancement


Service includes straightening, focus/sharpen, contrast levels, cropping & resizing to keep file size to a minimum thus saving hard drive space.  Below will be 4 original documents (left column) totaling by their original dimensions (length x width) before cropping/resizing combined file size = 4.75 MB, after enhancement, the same 4 documents (right column) the new combined file size = 1.55 MB, thus saving 3.2 MB of hard drive space.


This can be a big savings if you are limited by hard drive size and have a lot of scanned documents stored/saved or wishing to save.


Click on Images below to see greater detail before and after



Census Original Scan as downloaded

2548x1746 dpi = 769Kb


After Enhancement

1800x1259 dpi = 382Kb



 WWI Draft Card - Original Download

944x608 dpi


After Enhancement

734x529 dpi





Passenger List - Before

2802x2744 dpi = 2.10MB


Passenger List - After

1800x1748 dpi = 515Kb




Crooked Census Before

2528x2910 dpi = 1.82MB


Crooked Census After

1800x1863 dpi = 604Kb





Inverted scan


After conversion to Grayscale & enhanced

Click on Images above to see greater detail before and after


There is not much I can do when a document is in this condition

click the census shown to view this 1855 State Census


View this Slide Show as why some other Type Record Documents are Hard to Read



Save time from retyping/transcribing from printed documents, books, magazines or graphic formats jpg/jpeg, tiff, bmp, png, max, pcx, pdf, gif making the text & images editable for virtually any word processing program, database, notepad, Word, Excel, Wordpad, etc.


Note: Not all PDF files allow you to copy text or photographs/images for editing in other word processing and graphic/photograph programs.


This is the original book scan as an image/graphic - click to enlarge


This is the Word document created from OCR of the image on the left. 

To open an editable Word document.






View D.R.

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