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Fire / Emergency Related Web Sites


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 IAFF Locals IAFF Logo IAFF Union Firefighters

Aberdeen Proving Ground Md. US Army  IAFF Local F-267

Albuquerque Fire Dept.& Bernalillo County  IAFF Local 244

Alva FD  IAFF Local 3782

Arlington County Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2800

Austin Association of PFF  IAFF Local 975

Beloit PFF  IAFF Local 583

Bethlehem Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 735

Bloomington IL Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 49

Broken Arrow Fire Department   IAFF Local 2551

Burlington County PFFA  IAFF Local 3091

CDF Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2881

Charlottesville PFF  IAFF Local 2363

Chicago Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2



Clarksville, TN Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 3180

Cleveland TN FFA  IAFF Local 3748

Corning Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 932

Enid, OK Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 3722

Fairfield FFA  IAFF Local 1426

Fernandina Beach FD, FL IAFF 2836

Fort Lewis PFF   IAFF Local F-283

Fort Worth TX Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 440

Harrisburg Fire Department, PA  IAFF Local 428

Houston Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 341

Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters IAFF Local 122

Jefferson Fire Fighters, Inc. LA  IAFF Local 1374

Lewiston, ME Fire Fighters  AFF Local 785

Little Rock, AK Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 34

Lubbock PFFA  IAFF Local 972

Michigan State Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 9397

Midland Mi. Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 1315

Nanaimo PFF, Vancouver Island  IAFF Local 905

Orange City, CA Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2384

Orange County CA Professional FFA  IAFF Local 3631

Osceola County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3284



Paris TX Fire Department  IAFF Local 3761

Pennfield Township Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2588

Philadelphia FFA, PA IAFF Local 22

Providence, RI Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 799

Redding, CA Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 1934

Renton,WA  IAFF Local 864

Rochester Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 1071

San Bernardino Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 891

San Jose Firefighters  IAFF Local 230

Saratoga Springs Firefighters NY IAFF LOCAL 343

Schenectady NY Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 28

Sea Tac Wa. Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2919

S.W. FL PFF IAFF Local 1826

Stafford County FFA IAFF Local 4012

St. Anthony MN Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 3486

Syracuse NY FD - Rescue 1  Local 280

Truckee Meadows FD, Washoe Co., NV  IAFF Local 2487

Tukwila Fire Fighters, WA  IAFF Local 2088

Utica Fire Department  IAFF Local 32

Upper Arlington, Ohio FFA  IAFF Local 1521

Virginia Beach Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 2924

Washington DC Fire Fighters  IAFF Local 36



City / County


Alameda County Fire Department, CA

Albuquerque Fire Dept.

Anniston Fire-Rescue, AL

Charlottesville Fire Dept.

Los Angeles City F.D. CA USA

Nassau County Fire Rescue Fernandina Beach, FL

Taneytown Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, MD.

Tukwila, WA USA - Ladder 54

Union Bridge Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. - MD





California Fire Marshal's Office

California Department of Forestry

FF Pension Oklahoma USA



National Institute of Standards and Technology


FIREDOC is an online bibliographic database that contains a large collection of building and fire research materials from many sources. The database reflects the 80,000 holdings (published reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, books, and audio/visual items) that have been collected by the Engineering Laboratory's Research Information Service.


Engineering Laboratory


IAFF Locals USA & Canada



American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Federal Firefighters

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

DOD-Fire - for DoD Fire Fighters

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency




National Incident Information Center- FIRE AND AVIATION MANAGEMENT

National Fire Information

 Safety Related Sites

Safety Online

Safety Resources







Firefighter/EMS Information Network


Hazardous Materials


Hazardous Material & Toxics



Foreign Countries


Albion Park Rural Fire Brigade, NSW Rural Fire Service, Australia


ALI H. ASAD, Member of NFPA & IFE

Founding Member of KOC-FIRE & SAFETY DEPT, AHMADI 61008 - KUWAIT


Fire Prevention Officers Association of British Columbia



Museums and Other


Western States Fire Information Resource

The Hall of Flame World's Largest Museum of Fire Fighting

San Diego Fire Museum

FireNet Information Network

Fire Museum of Greater Harrisburg, PA


FIRE and EMS Equipment & Products



The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors

(NAFED) Established in 1963


STAT Uniform Alliance Medical, EMS, Fire, Nursing, Law Enforcement Supplies





Flight Web - Developed specifically for air medical professionals,

FlightWeb offers original resources, classified ads, and links to related web sites,

including flight programs and industry vendors.

Aviation Safety &Accidents


Everyone knows firefighters make great chefs, here you will find easy to prepare

and tasteful recipes.

My Recipes - D.R. Doc Young - Captain/Engineer Retired IAFF Local 156



Personal Fire Web Sites

Fire & Rescue toys collection from Daniel Keeney. I have been collecting for the past 22 years and I currently have about 500 Fire & Rescue toys from small to large scale.


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