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The Marine Corps Fire & Emergency Services History

MCAS Yuma AZ - Dec 1973

Photo of Humburg 55 & 8 - MCAS Yuma 1973


Roll Call ! - Missing CFR - Marines who have Re-Grouped

CFR MCAS Yuma - Early 1970's

 Looking for USMC Crash Fire Rescuemen Stationed at MCAS Yuma, AZ

photo donated by Sgt. R. Billingsley aka Fat Cat

1970's MOS 7051 Crash Fire & Rescue

Click on Photo to view full resolution 4782 x 1732 - to identify those pictured close up View Half Size Left - Right

Picture provided by Roger Billingsley* (Fat Cat) stationed at MCAS Yuma from 69 73

View those already identified in the 1970's Group Photograph with Big Bertha - MB-1A 40-50 ton Tourn-a-pull Crane Updated 15 Nov 2016



Roll Call - 1962-Present  - In Tribute R.I.P.

* I served with at NAS Millington Nov 1972

** Son or Daughter of CFR Marine that has e-mailed MOS 7051

* Identified in Group Photo 1970's

Marines who have written/contacted - MOS 7051

*** Taps - CFR Marines who have Re-Grouped

1960's & 1970's

CWO? Thompson

WO1 Plumb

***MGYSgt. Eugene N. Nichols * ** Korea & Vietnam

**Ssgt. Arland "Foot" Eldridge, 62-66 - Vietnam 66-67

SSgt. Vic Coffey

SSgt. John Pryor


Sgt. Steve White

Sgt. Steve Bell

Sgt. Ron Drain

Sgt. Ken Norfleet

Sgt. Mike Orr

Sgt Harry Wright

Sgt. Jimmy L Ridge

Cpl. Ronnie Gene Clayton*

Cpl. Stephen "Chance" Holmes, Florida*

Cpl. Soloman "Sol" Grundy - 65-70

Cpl. Joe Cowles 66-70

Cpl. Richard A Bolduc

Cpl. Fred McCloud

***Cpl.  Johnnie Nelson*

* Cpl. Royal R. Nordstom - 68-70
Cpl Ryan
Cpl Klump
Lcpl Wilbur

LCpl. Rodney Mendes

PFC Paul N. Asplin - 70-71

Pvt. Danny Jordan - 66-67

Jerry Jenkins

Arthur McBride

Roger Mudd

Mike Sealy

Harry Bunn


1960's & 1970's

*** CWO4 William T Troutner - My first OIC at Yuma RIP
CWO2 Dale Saunders - OIC 73-75

* GSgt. James McKinley - works Civ FD MCAS Yuma

* SSgt. Robert Mashburn***- Sec. Leader - 1970-74

* Sgt. Roger Billingsley – 69-73 - (Fatcat) - heavy equip.

*Sgt. Steven Price 72-73

Cpl. Dane Radke - Sep 68-Jan 72

*Anthony J. (AL) Alberico

David Brady

*James Brandon - 72- ?


Mike Crabtree - was at MCAS Civilian FF 1994

Larry Dent

Hector Feliciano

Jerome Keys

Joe Alerding - 73

Mike Lee - 72-75

Ricky Lemons

Bruce Marshall
*Robert Misskerg - 72-76

Fred O'Connell

Dennis Rolling - 73-74
?? Ruitto (Gumby)

Larry Sassar
Dee Dee Queen

"Bro" Vines

Dave Von Nostern/Nostrand

***Harold Welch (Professor) - not confirmed

Scott Wilburn

*Williams, Kansas City MO.

Mike Taylor - 74-78

Mike Martin - 74-78

Keith Daniels - Mar-77-Nov-78


* Identified in  Group Photo

1980 - 1999

* SSgt. Robert Mashburn #1

* GSgt. James McKinley #4

* MSgt. Eugene N. Nichols

* Sgt. "Tiny" Holmes

* Sgt. Jimmy L Ridge

*Sgt. Steven Price

* Cpl.  F. EWalt

* Cpl. Royal R. Nordstrom - 68-70

* Lcpl. R. Mendes

* Lcpl. Neely

* Pfc. Dewrone

* #44 unknown name - per PFC Paul N. Asplin

* Cpl.  Johnnie Nelson - deceased

* Sgt. Roger Billingsley – 69-73 - (Fatcat) - heavy equip.

* Stephen "Chance" Holmes


Cpl. Eric McClay - 1992-93

Sgt. Chris Washington - 1985-91


*** Taps

CWO4 William T. Troutner OIC

MGYSgt. Eugene N. Nichols - Apr 1999

* SSgt. Robert Mashburn*** 27 Feb 2018, Cairo, Egypt

SSgt. Arland "Foot" Eldridge

SSgt. Ray Piburn - Section Leader

Sgt Harry Wright - ??

William Cavano/Cavaghno  (Stubby) - 72- ?

* Cpl.  Johnnie Nelson

Harold Welch (Professor) - not confirmed


Note: Not all names may be accurate, if you know of others, if you see a correction to be made,

know when they were at MCAS Yuma, their highest rank, please contact them and share this site.


Missing CFR - Looking For


Below unknown when the following where at MCAS Yuma or if you know of them and their whereabouts


Please contact them and or E-mail  Fire-Rescue > MOS 7051 - Thank you


SSgt Plumb - Section Leader

Ssgt. Walters - Truckmaster
Ssgt. Wingstrom
Sgt. Donald Smith (Smitty)
Sgt. Wilkinson

Sgt. Woodruff (Woody)

Sgt. Jimmy Ridge – from Oklahoma

Sgt. Troy Kimbrough

Ted Haviland

“Muley" from West Texas

Gunny Kimeck ? Truck master
Homer Unglesbee

Ted (Speedy) Mendez - OH


*Joe Green







Mike Busick - SC

Bob Massey

Eunice "Bro J" Johnson

 "Flex" Iterley / Itterley / Etterly, etc. rode a Kawaski

.Above are names best remembered in our old age of those we served with at MCAS Yuma or other CFR MCAS


Contributing CFR Dudes - H. Feliciano, M. Taylor, R. Misskerg, D. Radke, R. Mashburn, R. Billingsley

PFC Paul N. Asplin

and Children of those who served.


Crash Equipment - Do you have Pictures ?

Marmon Herrington MB-1 (1954)

Oshkosh MB-5

Oshkosh MB-1


M116-Full Track with TAU

E-15 & E-28 Gears

MCAS Yuma AZ - Aerial View    

CFR Millington TN Nov 1972 - click to enlarge

*10 of those pictured above went to MCAS Yuma

Aircraft Fire Fighting and Rescue Association



Author of this site: D.R. "Doc" Young - aka Doc Savage & Doc Holiday

June 1972

Cpl. Young

USMC Crash Crew MOS 7051

Stationed at MCAS Yuma

Nov 72- Jun 75


We Shall Never Forget       


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