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George Air Force Base Fire Dept. Victorville CA


Looking for Fire Fighters Civilian or Military who served at George AFB, especially between 1980-92


George AFB Fire Department Facebook Group Fire Fighter DOD >


AF Fire Apparatus I have experience with, 530B Structural Pumper, P-2 ARFF, P-4 ARFF, P-7 6,000 gal. Water/Foamer

P-8 Structural Pumper, P-10 Rescue Truck, P-12 Structural Pumper, P-18 Water Tanker, P-19 ARFF


Links - - Your Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Information Resource | USAF Firefighters  |


GAFB FD Photos  |  List of GAFB FD Videos shot 21-28 yrs ago  |  2 Jets Collide 22 Nov 1983


If You Served/Worked at George Air Force Base this site is very important - Hazardous Toxic & Radioactive Waste (HTRW)


** have received e-mails Looking for Names, Years at GAFB FD & Your Rank


Looking for John Peluso,  Mike Guebara (sp) and Fukushima ??

Crash Fire & Rescue - Channel YouTube

George AFB Fire Dept-Playlist of 14 videos


G.A.F.B. FD - Roll Call - Crash Fire & Rescue ** have received e-mails or in touch Social Media   *** Taps In Remembrance

R. Stokes - Fire Chief - Civ.

D. Ophus - Fire Chief - Civ.

H. Nobles**- A/Chief - Civ.

L. Goings *** Ret. FD Secretary

J. Carroll *** - SMSgt - Fire Chief Sep 84 - Oct 86

Traylor ***

Norman, CMSgt - Fire Chief ***

B. Linardy - Asst/Chief

D. Mallar - Asst/Chief - Civ.

Jefferson - Asst/Chief

R. Casey**- Asst/Chief Training - Civ.

R. Biggs - Asst/Chief - Civ.

R. Cantrell - Asst/Chief - I last saw in Tacoma WA

R. Nava - Station Capitan


J. Becker ** - Sgt. 73-77 - Former Fire Chief Victorville, FD (Retired)

M. Spivey ** - Jun 1976 - Feb 1980

J. Allen - Civ. *** trans. Edwards AFB

J. Daniels - Civ

E. Babcock**-Fire Chief Gallup, NM - Retired

J. Stapenhill - Civ. trans. Edwards AFB

A. Simmons - Civ. trans from Ft. Irwin was Fire Chief Ft. Benning GA

J. Schroeder**- Aug 82-May 86

M. Armendarez** Civ. - 85-89

S. DeLuca**- SrA - 87-92

T. Hatton - SRA - Aug 88 - Aug 92 - A & B Shift

D. Mitchell** Dec 89 - Sep 92

C. Simpson - went to LAFD City a diver

R. Corral**

M. Rigg**  - 1971-1972 Airman

J.R. Wilson** Feb 78 - Apr 84

N. Wilson

D. Flint -

C. Kellerman - 1983-1987 B Shift

F. Gulli**- Ret.

D. Bean**- SBCFD, V V, CA

D. Anderson** - Jun 1987 - Jul 1991 - Asst. Chief Grand Rapids AFB - Retired

D. Deforge

D. Steinhoff -

D. Houston** - 91-92 - currently Plymouth FD - MA

N. Langrehr - GS-7 Ret. Lone Pine, CA

C. Fowler - GS-7  Ret. St. George, UT

R. McElwain

R. Sandquist ***

K. Kiplinger ** / ***- GS-6

G. Bicondova - trans. Edwards AFB

J. Reckers**- Ret. Big Bear, CA

E. Durazo

P. Lawson**- Capt. SBCFD, VV CA

E. Robinson**- Rochester, MN FD

J. Martin

M. Guebara - looking for

S. Fernandez

J. Jaime**- in Tejas

J. Hester

G. Leach**

S. Lee** E-5  89-92  "A" Shift Retired

T. Hicks ** 1982-1983 - Ret.

M. Morgan - 1983-1987 B Shift Ret.

J. Morrison**- trans. Edwards AFB

E. Karst**

J. Peluso - looking for

K. Taylor - Capt. Marysville FD, WA Jun 90-Dec 92

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor AF - forgot given names

Airman Parker - burned Smoke House incident

A. Simmons - Ft. Irwin, CA-Ft. Benning, GA

B.G. Wimberly** 88-91

P. Ybarra** went to LAFD City

"Doc" Young - GS-6 - Ret. 2000

J. Zuccaro**- SBCFD, V V, CA - Left 83'

J. Zydel** Lt. at Selfridge ANG


Margaret - Food Service

S. Britton - Food Service

Wickers - Mechanic



** have received e-mails

*** Taps In Remembrance


*** Taps In Remembrance


SMSGT J. Carroll - (1946 - 2014)


D. Mitchell reported that Cabral and Civ. John Allen died unknown year


Civ. G. Leach reported Chief CMSgt Norman past on in 2005, and Chief Traylor also past on


R. Sandquist, 1965 - 2007


K. Kiplinger, 1956-2016


L. Goings Young, 1954-2019



A brief history of GAFB during my 12 yr Service as a Civilian Fire Fighter


In 1980, the wing received the new F-4G and its advanced Wild Weasel system.  By July 1980, the last F-105G left George Air Force Base, leaving the 35th with F-4Gs in its inventory for Wild Weasel training.

Operations at George Air Force Base were reorganized by mission requirements March 30, 1981.  The 35th Tactical Fighter Wing retained control of the 20th and 21st Tactical Fighter Training Squadrons and gained the 39th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

With the inactivation of the 39th Tactical Fighter Squadron in 1985, the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing was re-designated the 35th Tactical Training Wing. However, the wing kept its air defense augmentation responsibility.  It provided operations and maintenance support for the close air support portion of Army training exercises conducted at the U.S. Army National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif., from 1981 to 1990.  Also, the wing advised specific Air National Guard units on F-4 operations from 1981 to 1991.

The new 37th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) assumed the 561st and 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadrons active Wild Weasel missions in 1981.  This training ended in 1989 when the 37th TFW was reassigned to Tonopah Test Range Nevada assuming F-117A operational development.

Operations at George Air Force Base were reorganized again October 5, 1989.  The 37th Tactical Fighter Wing and the 35th Tactical Training Wing consolidated all operations under the newly re-designated 35th Tactical Fighter Wing.  Under the reorganization the 35th regained control of the 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron and the 562nd Tactical Fighter Training Squadron.

In August 1990, the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing mobilized in support of Operation Desert Shield.  On Aug. 16, 1990, 24 F-4Gs of the 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron left George Air Force Base en-route to Shaikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain.  Once in the Middle East, its deployed people established operational, maintenance and living facilities for the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional).  These facilities eventually housed more than 60 active duty and Air National Guard F-4s and more than 2,600 military members.  24 of our Military Fire Fighters were deployed to Shaikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain.

During Operation Desert Storm, which started 17 Jan 1991, the 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron flew 1,182 combat sorties for a total of 4,393.5 hours. The 35th Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional) was credited with flying 3,072 combat missions for 10,318.5 hours.  U.S. Central Command relied heavily on the wing's Wild Weasels to suppress enemy air defense systems.  The F-4G aircrews were credited with firing 905 missiles at Iraqi targets, while the RF-4C aircrews shot more than 300,000 feet of vital reconnaissance film.  During operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional) suffered no casualties. The wing's people began returning to George Air Force Base March 23, 1991, with its aircraft and pilots following three days later.

The 35th became the host unit for George Air Force Base when the 831st Air Division there inactivated on 31 March 1991.  As a result, the wing gained several support agencies, including the 35th Combat Support Group and associated squadrons.  In support of the Air Force's force reduction programs, the 21st Tactical Fighter Training Squadron inactivated 28 June 1991.  That October, as part of the Air Force's reorganization plan, the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing was re-designated the 35th Fighter Wing.  A month later, the wing's tactical fighter squadrons were re-designated fighter squadrons.

In 1992, the 35th began downsizing in preparation for the closure of George Air Force Base. On 5 June 1992, the 20th Fighter Squadron moved to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, and by the end of June, the 561st and 562d Fighter Squadrons were inactivated.

On 15 December 1992, the 35th Fighter Wing inactivated and George Air Force Base closed bringing an end to 21 years of continuous service and more than 34 years of total service for the 35 FW.

Looking for Fire Fighters Civilian or Military who served at George AFB, especially between 1980-92Dalmatian Mailbox

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