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Blaschko Blaschkow Blaskow Blaszko Blazko Blasko Blasco Belasco



Hungarian Flag

Humgarian Coat of Arms 1849


1849 - 1867

Blaschko Family about 1907

Picture taken in Hungary prior to Jan 1908 - Mouse over Face or Name & Click to view their information - Full Size


1st Gen:  Ggf. Johann Blaschkow, b. 6 May 1864, Bykowce, Poland Ethnicity: Austrian

2nd Gen:  Gm. Antonia/Antoinette Victoria Blaschkov/Belasco, 1901, Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary today is Svaty Jur, Bratislava, Slovakia

3rd Gen:  June Elsie Wilson, 1926, CT - See 1940 census

3rd Gen:  D. R. "Doc" Young, 19??, CA

If you have Blaschko's in your lineage or are a Blaschko, please e-mail  D.R. "Doc" Young

Slovakia Flag


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Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary today is Svaty Jur, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Mongol Invasion and Conquests  -  History of the Hungarians


Rímsko-katolícky kostol svätého Juraja = Roman Catholic Church of St. Juraj / Svätý Juraj 

Gothic Roman Catholic Parish of St. George 900 21 Svätý Jur, Slovakia


Ggf, Johann/Janos BlaschkowJoannes Blaschkow, b. 6 May 1864, Bykowce, Poland, John Blaszko (per death certificate), d. 22 Oct 1954, West Haven, CT, at the age of 92.  Parents Antonius Blaschko & Antonia Vitomszka / Vitomszký / Velomszka


m. 24 Mar 1888, Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary, Catherina Follrich, d. 4 Jan 1917, Orange, CT., b. 10 May 1866 or 1868, Parents Joannes Follrich and Angino Posh of Austria per her death certificate Katherine F. Blaschkow.  Update parents Joannes Follrich and Agnes Posch, Catharine Follrich, b. 29 May 1866, Szentgyörgy


Johann Blaskow, after 27 yrs I finally found his departing Hamburg, Germany - 24 Nov 1906, aboard Ship Graf Waldersee


Katharina immigrated 14 Jan 1908, as Katalin (37) Hungary, Race as Slovak, Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary with Maria (14), Szanislo (6), Antonia (4), and Gottlieb (2) going to husband J. Blaschkow, 37 1/2 Allen St. New York. having left her father Janos Folrich, 116 Szentgyorgy, Pozsony.

Unknown if the surnames of Blaschkow/Blaszko, Follrich and Posh/Posch are German, Austrian, Hungarian or Slovakian. 

The 1910 census places his ethnicity as Austrian Polish and Catherine's as Hungarian German.


Janos, a given name is the Hungarian form of John and Katalin, Hungarian for Pure and a form of Katherine.


Other facts and findings of this family.  Blaschko is German (of Slavic origin): from a vernacular pet form of the personal name Blasius.  The 1903 birth record of Sandor his youngest son, states Janos was from Bykowce [bɨˈkɔft͡sɛ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Sanok, within Sanok County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland.


Children of this marriage:




John Jr. / Joannes




b. 24 Mar 1889* Szentgyörgy, Pozsony, Hungary, Baptismal/Birth, immigrated 20 Oct 1909, d. 7 Apr 1911, age 22,  Bronx, NY - Death Certificate






b. 9 Nov 1891* Szentgyörgy, Pozsony, Hungary, Baptismal/Birth d. 8 Jun 1909, age 18, Bronx, NY - Death Certificate
BENCE Hungarian form of VINCENT. It is also used as a short form of BENEDEK.VILMOS Hungarian form of WILLIAM.






b. 3 Feb 1894, Hungary, immigrated 14 Jan 1908, d. 8 Sep 1969, CT. m. Joseph Spissak, 1912 - 1930 Census,




"Elsie" Cecelia



b. 17 Mar 1898, Szentgyörgy, Pozsony, Hungary, d. 23 Feb 1943, CT., immigrated 2 Feb 1910 as Elisabeth - Death Certificate

1m. Leslie F. Blake, 2m. Earle Gill, 3m. Joseph S. Heil - Per 1921 Passport # 39967, Elsie may have been b. 17 Mar 1896, St. George, Austria







b. abt. 1899, Hungary, immigrated 14 Jan 1908 as Szanislo - Missing during WWI - photo 1 & photo 2,


Antoinette Victoria Blaschkow



Gm, Antonia Victoria Blaschkov/Belasco , b. 7 Jun 1901, Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary, immigrated 14 Jan 1908, d. June, 1979, Torrance, CA, m. Earle K. Wilson, 4 Aug 1922.


Antonia Victoria Blaschkov Hungarian baptismal, shows her being baptized/born in Szentgyörgy (St. George),  Pozsony County of the Kingdom of Hungary, now  Svätý Jur, Bratislava, Slovakia.  The document is dated 19 Aug 1911, and shows her father and mother to be Joannes Blaschkov and Catharina Follrich


Per my grandmother's social security application dated 14 July 1959, age 58, born 7 Jun 1901, New York City, NY, her father as John Belasco, mother as Unknown and her birth name as Antoinette Victoria Belasco.  Her baptismal places her birth in 1901, matching the SS5 App, and she was born in Szentgyörgy, Pozsony Co., Hungary. 


1934-17 Apr, Pike Co., MS Court of Chancery - Final Decree for Divorce filed by Earle K. Wilson vs Antoinette V Wilson. 

Note: Antoinette was not aware of this 1934 divorce as she was living in Glendale, CA, with Daughter June E. Wilson.  1940 time-line


Antoinette/Toni filed for divorce in CA, 4 Jan 1958, not knowing she had already been divorced for 24 yrs by Earle K. Wilson


Letter dated 23 Oct 1965, from sister Maria Mary nee Blaschko Spissak page 1 & page 2 to Antoinette V Blaschko Wilson, main letter reference from Mary "Antonia born in St. Gorge City, Pozsony Megye State Hungaria but now has another name, as its Chesko Slovensko, as the Cheches took over after World 1 war."




b. abt. 1903, Hungary, immigrated 14 Jan 1908, as Gottlieb.  However, he is to have been born 1903 per the 1910 census, indexed as Bronsilov.  Found an Emil Belasco, d. 8 Oct 1924, River Grove, Cook Co. IL.  Found in 1920 Census an Emile Blaskum [Emile Blaska], living in New Jersey, b. abt. 1903, Austria.  


Mystery may have been Solved, thanks to my Cousin Peter in Slovakia, that Gottlieb/Bronsilov is actually Sandor Braniszlav Blaschkow, b. 20 Dec 1903,  Szentgyörgy, Pozsony Co., Hungary.  Sándor is a Hungarian given name and surname. This is the Hungarian form of Alexander.


Could Bronsilov be Bronislav or Bronislaw or Bronislawa or  Borislav and could this be Emil per the photograph?



Facts and Findings


Per the Connecticut New Haven Registry article dated 26 Jul 1936, John Blaskow was a Captain in the Austrian Guards and served directly under Emperor Franz Josef. (*).  He was in the Turkish-Prussian war and after retirement from the army, he went into the wrought iron business in Vienna.  He came to America in 1904, after becoming troubled with rheumatism in 1897.  The doctors advised a change of climate would help and he came to America.


10 Jun 2004 - Found Janos Blaschko, blacksmith working in Szentgyorgy, Pozsony listed in the 1891 Hungarian Industry & Trade Directory.  This document was found at Hungarian Genealogy and Local History Database.


* The late Kaiser Franz Josef I (1830-1916) Emperor of Austria (1848-1916) and King of Hungary (1867-1916) lived in Vienna.  I can only find info on the Austro-Prussian War, no mention of a  Turkish-Prussian war.   About the land forces of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from just prior to the outbreak of the Great War - "Österreich-Ungarns letzter Krieg"until the collapse of the monarchy in 1918.


The actual copy I have of the New Haven Registry, dated 26 Jul 1936 was missing a section of the article.  A recent find completing the article is as follows.  This article's informant was Elsie Blaskow Gill.


Moved to New Haven


In 1913, Mr. Blaskow moved to New Haven after attaining a wide prominence in New York when his wife’s health was threatened by the crowed areas of the metropolis.  He resumed his trade in the new city and up to the time of his retirement did much of the wrought iron work on construction throughout the city.


There has been tragedy in his life-the tragedy of a man who has lost his four sons all on the brink of manhood and showing promise of great intellectual attainments.  It was a series of blows to the elderly man that would have killed one weaker than he.  But today he remains a strong, high character figure who has withstood the suffering of life and has come out of the fray with a spirit that has hardly wavered.


There was John, who after studying ??? engineering in Vienna and giving promise of a brilliant career, came to this country to work with his father.  Two weeks after returning to his family, he was stricken with pneumonia and died within a few days.


In 1911, William, not yet turned 20, was studying for the priesthood when the rigor of his studies exhausted him, causing his untimely death.

In 1918, Stanley, stationed in Texas with the Ninth Infantry, disappeared and has never been heard from since.  The last word his parents had from him was a letter stating that he was leaving France.  Repeated queries at the war department and other government agencies have brought only the answer that a person of his name was never entered on the army’s rolls.  Whether he met an unknown soldier’s death on the battlefield or whether he today is wandering in some distant part of the world has never been determined.  Always with hope, his relatives are still seeking clues as to his fate.



Quirk of Fate


By an almost horrible quirk of fate the last son, Emil, was killed while starting on a determined search for his brother.  In 1921, when he had just turned 17, he announced his intention of going to Texas to run down every available clue as to his brother’s whereabouts.  He got as far as Illinois.  There a truck, speeding down a highway, trapped the boy and crushed out his life.


Mrs. Gill speaks with pride of her father.  There is something of a twist of glory in his name when she tells of his life in Europe and the tragic fate, which awaited him in America.


“He’s a wonderful man,” is he candid description of her father.  “I never thought he’d ever finish the cottage.  But once he got started we all saw that he was determined to finish the job.  I’m proud of this place because it was my father who has planned it and built it.  To look at him today you would not suspect that he’s 75.  His body and his spirit are both those of a much younger person.


And true it is, for the strength of his character and of his spirit are reflected in work that he has created.


 Immigration Findings:


Name: Johann Blaskow
Gender: männlich (Male)
Ethnicity/Nationality: Österreich (Austrian)
Marital status: verheiratet (Married)
Departure Age: 42
Birth Date: abt 1864
Residence Place: Czortko
Departure Date: 24 Nov 1906
Departure Place: Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany)
Arrival Place: Cuxhaven; Boulogne; Plymouth; New York
Occupation: Schmied, Geselle
Ship Name: Graf Waldersee
Shipping Clerk: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft)
Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft)
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Ship Flag: Deutschland
Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 184



My great grandmother Katalin Blaskow / Catherina Follrich, I found listed at Ellis Island, age 37, coming from Szentgyörgy, Hungary, on 14 Jan 1908, on the ship Rydam from Rotterdam, South Holland along with Maria, 14y, Szanislo, 6y, Antonia, 4y, (my grandmother) and Gottlieb, 2y.  The passenger list states she was leaving her father Janos Folrich and going to be with her husband J. Blaschkow


Janos Blaschkow, immigrating 20 Oct 1909.


Elisabeth Blaschkov immigrating 2 Feb 1910, alone and she is the same Elizabeth in the 1910 census taken 23 April.  All other documents I have show Elsie C.   She left Istvan Schbergen, Szentgyorgy and came to Jan Blaschkow in New York.


Foot Note:  One of the children arriving in 1908, was named Gottlieb However, I do not know the American translation or if Will is Gottlieb.  Bronislov, appears in the 1910 census is this Emil too?  I am going by the names that were written in pencil on the actual picture shown above, John, Stanley, Will, Emil and in viewing the census and passenger list, 2 names appear as Gottlieb & Bronislov.  Which can be Bronislow.


I found a Johann Blaschkow, age 22, a workman from Hungary listed 5 Oct 1883, from Bremem, Germany on the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild SS Strassburg passenger list #355, this makes him being born about 1861.  This is confirmed by the newspaper article stating John Blaskow of being age 75 at the time of the writing.  However, in this newspaper article states John coming to America in 1904.


7 Oct 2002 - I found using Blaschkow as a variant in my search at Ellis a Joh. Blaschke coming to America in August 1904 ....the closet find yet. It says he was coming to a friend Franz H or Kasberg living at Calif. Ave 1005, I believe Chicago.



Update sent from Peter in Slovakia as of 5 Mar 2009


Joan Follrich father and mother Agnes Posch the following dates maybe baptismal dates not birthdates.

Johanes Follrich, 8 Aug 1858, Szentgyörgy
Agnes Follrich, 16 Nov 1859, Szentgyörgy
Alexander Follrich, 3 Dec 1860, Szentgyörgy
Paulus Follrich, 17 Jul 1862, Szentgyörgy
Michal Follrich, 18 Sep 1864, Szentgyörgy
Katharina Follrich, b. 29 May 1866, 106
Sasinkova St, Szentgyörgy, Pozsony, Hungary
Therezia Follrich, b. 3 Feb 1869, Szentgyörgy
Michael Follrich, b. 30 May 1871, Szentgyörgy
Mathias Follrich, b. 23 Feb 1874, Szentgyörgy


A Mayflower Descendant of Francis Eaton (1595/96-1633) & Christian Penn (1607-1684) 9th Paternal Gr-Grandparents

Ancestry Member since 13 May 2004, Researching since Sep 1992

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*FTDNA Kit No. 892549 (5 Feb 2019) Y-DNA Haplogroup R-M269
*GEDmatch A476709 (28 Apr 2018) - GEDCOM ID5626977 (13Feb2019)
*AncestryDNA (16 Dec 2016)


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