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    Those Fallen Is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty or as the result of.  To honor and in remembrance of those who have lost their lives for those we serve to protect.  That we as Fire Fighters do the best job we can in our efforts as guardians of humanity. 

    In Honor of my Grandfathers, Clifford Franklin Begnal, (1903-1960) who died in the line of duty, 15 March 1960, South San Francisco Fire Department, CA,  - SSFD Station 61 - and Charles Garfield Wilson, (1868-1899) Fair Haven F.D. New Haven, CT


    South San Francisco Fire Dept. Sta. 61

    Sacramento State Capitol Park Fire Fighter's Memorial Dedicated 6 Apr 2002 - dating back to 1850 when CA became a State

    Clifford Begnal - South San Francisco Fire Dept.

    Died in the Line of Duty - 15 Mar 1960

    Capt. D.R. "Doc' Young - 1965-1996

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    and to my Great-grandfather

    Charles G. Wilson (1868-1899)

    Fair Haven F.D. New Haven, CT

    Charles G. Wilson

    1893 New Haven City Directory

    J. J. Dayton Hook and Ladder Co. Fair Haven East.

    Engine House, East Grand

    Meets third Monday night in each month.

    Foreman, Charles Wilson

    Ass't Foreman, Frank Ryan

    Secretary, D. Burton Brown

    Treasurer, Morgan E. Fowler

    Steward, Edward Ryan


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    Nine Eleven

    Attack on America - As a retired Fire Fighter, 11 Sep 2001,  has been marked by a tragedy far beyond my dream of how my day would begin and the lives of thousands of others, & our Great Nation.  This day was also my birthday.


    My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by this horrific tragedy.  And to watch knowing what was yet to happen (from experience as a fire fighter) I lost many brothers and sisters of the emergency services fields, fire fighters, police, medical and others in similar fields.  I knew as I watched the second aircraft strike, that many would die or be injured who had already responded, in the rescue & fire fighting mode or were enroute when the first building collapsed.  Such a sad day, hopefully never to be over shadowed by another attack.


    As a USMC Vietnam Vet, I pray for World Unity in finding and prosecuting those who perpetrated this act, those who condone and harbor these individuals and swift retaliation for our loss and this cowardly act.  That this will send a message to others about to partake in future cowardly acts, that you will be sought out and dealt with accordingly.


    I ask you in the next few days, weeks and months to please donate blood and other goods/money to aid those affected by this tragedy. I hope we learn from this tragedy to educate ourselves, families and friends, to be aware in our travels and day to day life, this is real and can happen anywhere at anytime.  If you were affected by this tragedy by the loss of a friend or family member, you are in my prayers.


    And to all those who are assisting/helping directly or indirectly in this tragedy, America is behind you and I give my thanks.  At a time many are trying to flee tragedy, Fire Fighters and other Emergency Personnel rush in to assist, to protect lives and property.  Always show appreciation and respect for the job that is ahead of them.  That 911 will never happen again.



    Fire & Safety Officer/Correctional Sgt. at Desert View Modified Community Correctional Facility (DVMCCF) 2000-2002

    We Shall Never Forget


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